Semper Fi, Mario



Hotel Menage, Anaheim, CA

“I’d like to take my girlfriend to a whisky tasting for her birthday, before I deploy for Afghanistan” is how the email stream started, more than a month ago. Last night, U.S. Marine Mario Herrera and Megan Schulz finished their personalized whisky tasting just before the magical fireworks display across the freeway at Disneyland illuminated the sky. Through the generosity of Steve, one of the Hotel Ménage managers, Mario and Megan enjoyed an upgraded view suite and a tray of goodies to go with the whiskies. Campari America’s World Class Whiskies provided single malts from various distilling regions of Scotland: Auchentoshan from the Lowlands, Bowmore from Islay, Glen Garioch and Glen Grant from the Highlands. Megan is sure she will win bar bets, challenging people to pronounce “Garioch” correctly (answer: “Geery”). Happy Birthday, Megan, and Safe Journey, Mario.


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