Eight Hours in San Diego

Whiskies and wine were in abundance during eight magical hours in the San Diego area over the weekend. The kick-off was a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration at The Field, on lower Fifth Avenue. We enjoyed traditional Irish soda bread, leek and potato soup, shepherd’s pie, Guinness beef stew, and a Imagecorned beef boxty. Harp, Guinness and Connemara whiskey flowed liberally as we watched the constant parade of green-clad revelers come and go. Thanks to fine weather, we sat outside, where the restaurant’s iconic 1948 Fordson milk truck, assembled in Ireland, attracted admiring glances and comments. 

 Following our long-established tradition for this holiday, our designated driver took us across San Diego Bay to Coronado and the beautiful Hotel del Coronado. The stately Prince of Wales Grille was long ago replaced with the chic 1500, which happens to be the hotel’sImage street address. Single malts still abound and we enjoyed Talisker, Oban, and several expressions of   The Macallan, while watching guests playing on the beach and in the water – in mid-March, no less!

 The day ended by our attending an art exhibition at Planet Rooth Design Haus. Gustaf Anders Rooth is primarily a furniture designer, but escapes the linear constraints of making custom furniture by painting. For whiskey fans, Gustaf’s furniture (he calls it “functional art”) is of major interest – it’s made of recycled, used whiskey and wine barrel staves and galvanized barrel hoops. 


All in all, a wonderful day of Whisky With a View.

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