Where Whisky IS the View


It’s always fun to discover a venue that carries a good selection of whisky WITH a view, but amazing to discover a place where whisky IS the view. This happened recently in San Diego, when a Scotch drinking buddy introduced me to the Aero Club Bar on India Street, near the city’s airport. Although the bar bills itself as “the place where bartenders can go for a cold beer”, it is the overwhelming selection of whiskies – over 750 bottles on the back bar – that is most impressive. The spiral bound, educational “menu” lists single malts and blends from all the familiar brands, independent bottlers, and from numerous countries. On this visit, our little group enjoyed malts from Glendronach, Springbank, Talisker, and Glenfarclas. The Aero Club Bar has a Facebook presence, but it’s hard to beat the face to face camaraderie that naturally happens when like-minded people find the treasure trove of spirits this bar has to offer.

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One Response to Where Whisky IS the View

  1. Kathy Paine says:

    It is indeed a great place and are grateful to Ray for letting us know about Aero Club while in San Diego this past weekend!

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