Marquis Las Vegas – a Blue Heron Property in “Old Vegas”

It’s not often that the venue of a whisky event overshadows the guests’ enjoyment of fine single malt whiskies at a tasting event. That’s exactly what happened recently at a Las Vegas showplace mansion. Located in a celebrity estate neighborhood exuding a rich history of “Old Vegas” cache, the 8800 square foot stunner was named The New American Home in 2009. It was also selected by Microsoft to showcase the wizardry of many of their “smart home” gadgets. A myriad of things can happen, directed from a cell phone or various sensors, to achieve a perfect level of luxurious creature comforts in the desert. Despite all the electronics and energy-consuming amenities, the home is off the grid, thanks to 56 discretely positioned solar panels, and building materials utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Cool evening air was conducive for the 70 guests to learn about and enjoy whiskies from four regions of Scotland. And, a lot of learning there was! Several times a guest shriveled their nose and asked, “Is this supposed to be a good whisky? I can’t drink it.”, while someone else proclaimed it their favorite of the evening! Learning how to read a bottle’s label became a hot topic. That’s the magic of the malts, and one of the reasons I so enjoy doing these tastings.

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