To “E” or Not to “E” – That is the Question

It’s road trip time again – the Oregon coast, Puget Sound, national parks in Utah, then ending in  Las Vegas. Throw in five single malt Scotch whisky tastings, and a visit to a distillery or two, and it’s shaping up to be a cracker of a trip! As I zipped past the still snowy Mount Shasta, near the California – Oregon border, the outside temperature flirted with 105o. Ah, the quirks of road tripping!

My first night on the road is in Ashland, Oregon, home to the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival. How appropriate that a story about the use of an E, or, more precisely, NOT the use of an E came up. The E subject is more familiarly associated with the spelling of the word “whiskey”, or not, if it’s from Scotland. The short version of a long story: in 1946, Chef Omer Hill and his wife Hazel, were down to the wire in completing their eponymous steak and seafood restaurant, so when the rooftop sign arrived, with the mighty E replaced by an A, they accepted the sign and, as they say, the rest is ….

Today, Omar’s is a mainstay in this upscale college town (Southern Oregon University), featuring top shelf beef and seafood. A pleasant discovery was the fried Brussel sprout appetizer – halved sprouts fried with olive oil and sprinkled with coarse-ground sea salt – very yummy!

Next stop: the Oregon coast.

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