Choosing for the Christmas Whisky Tasting – The Heat is On!

Today, the temperature will reach about 90 degrees with humidity near 50%. This is nowhere near as uncomfortable as much of our country, but still a challenge for going through stocks of single malts in the garage, selecting the ones for my 17th Annual Christmas Tasting.

Although no final decision has been made yet, it looks like this year’s theme will be “Superlative Speysides”. There will be five whiskies, including

  • Macallan 1979 Gran Reserva (Google it and be amazed at the price, although stocks are virtually non-existent)
  • Glenfiddich’s Snow Phoenix (fantastic story – the whisky version of making lemonade when dealt lemons!),
  • A Speyside from a long-gone distillery (these are called “silent stills”).

The tasting, Thursday, December 8 will be held in San Diego, and limited to only 30 guests. Filet mignon, grilled sea bass, and shrimp will lead the tasty list of hors d’oeuvres. Vox Nobili (voice of the noble) will again enchant with their period and traditional Christmas songs, dressed in lavish Elizabethan renaissance clothing.

To learn more, please email


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