American Whiskies and Chinese Cuisine, The Palace Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Several dozen members and guests of the LA Scotch Club defied the stigma of Friday the 13th,  threw caution to the wind, and enjoyed remarkable whiskies with gourmet Chinese cuisine. On this night, despite its name, the club presented six American whiskies from Heaven Hill Distilleries of Kentucky. The distillery’s Andie Brokaw led our enthusiastic group through The American Whiskey Collection with expressions from Evan Williams, Elija Craig, Bernheim and Rittenhouse. The evening concluded with Parker’s Heritage Collection Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, bottled at 122.6 proof.

From our second floor tasting room, we could hear authentic Chinese music from the dining room below. Chopsticks replaced silverware, and a variety of sauces replaced salt and pepper. The restaurant’s General Manager and Bourbon Master, Mo Li hovered over the guests, making sure all was perfect. In his own passionate way, Mo described his love of the Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon Vintage 2001, “From nose to finish, it’s like listening to the whole album, without having to skip a track”.

Entrees included tangerine chicken, sautéed fish in black bean sauce, black pepper beef, and snow peas with fresh water chestnuts. Dessert, of course, was a fortune cookie. With the wind coming up and the sky getting cloudy, my fortune was perfect: “If you want the rainbow, then you have to tolerate the rain.”

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