Whisky and Peacocks – Las Vegas Scottish Highland Games

Hosting educational single malt Scotch whisky tastings at Scottish Highland Games is never a dull undertaking. Guests, whether novices or experienced, always bring great questions and interest to the classes. Sounds of bagpipes, singers & musicians, Scottish accents, and  general excitement manage to make their way into the tasting area, adding to the ambiance of the event.

But, PEACOCKS? The Las Vegas Games are held just north of the city, in Floyd Lamb Park. Large trees shade the beautiful grounds and snowy mountains ring the entire valley. Warm winds whip up dust clouds in the distance. But, closer at hand, peacocks strut among the clan tents, behind the entertainment pavilion, in the branches of the beautiful trees, and next to the whisky tent! Seeing the beautiful birds up this close is a treat … until their piercing, repetitive squawks begin. The disruption puts rude cell phone users to shame!  

 Guests had the opportunity to compare and contrast Bowmore, from Islay (bold, smoky, and peaty), with Auchentoshan, from the Lowlands (soft, floral and inviting), and Glenrothes and Glen Grant, from the Speyside region (spicy, aromatic, and fruity). Guests were amazed at the difference in aroma and taste of the various regions’ whiskies, and especially interested in the difference that adding just a wee bit of water made to the experience.

Questions about pairing whiskies with different food courses resulted in lively discussions, and we all agreed that peacocks should be seen and not heard.

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