A Christmas Whisky Tasting in San Diego

Their alter egos include Queens of England and Scotland, several countesses, a Baron and Baroness, and an Earl. Known collectively as Vox Nobili (“Voice of the Noble”), six members of this professionally trained, a capella singing group entranced us at a Christmas Whisky Tasting in San Diego.

Resplendent in jaw-dropping Elizabethan garb, the singers performed from the stage, engaged guests while mingling through the festively decorated tables, and concluded the event by joining the guests in a group sing of Auld Lang Syne. Guests were led up to street level to the haunting skirl of “Amazing Grace”, piped on the Great Highland Bagpipe, and into the chilly, foggy San Diego evening. Perfect!

Single malt whiskies for the evening included the rare Glenrothes 1975 32-year old from Speyside, Bowmore 18 from Islay, Jura Superstition from the Island of Jura, and Auchentoshan Three Wood from the Lowlands. The finale was a 48-  year old Glenfiddich, not commercially available, aged exclusively in a single European oak cask previously used to age Oloroso Sherry. The wee deoch an dorus (a drink to health, served at the door) was Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Liqueur, as luscious, warming and celebratory as the entire evening.

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