Under the Hill Saloon, Natchez, MS

The history crammed into this small, centuries old bar is as convoluted as the path of Mississippi River, just outside the front door. Under the Hill has been hunkered down on Silver Street since the early 1800s, and we’d know exactly how old it is if it wasn’t for that damn records-destroying Courthouse fire in the 1830s. The saloon’s clientele has spanned the gamut from riverboat captains to rogues, cut-throats and gamblers, and more than a few ladies of the night. Andre Farish has owned the saloon for more than 30 years and today features young talent by providing a venue for their music and vocals to the delight of tourists and townsfolk.

As might be expected in a bar in the oldest settlement on the Mississippi, good old American whiskey and icy cold beer are the top favorites. Bartender Beth Hite said vodka is also a big seller, “depending on the crowd”. On this warm and humid afternoon, I took my Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade out to one of the rockers on the front porch, and watched barges on the Mississippi go by. Definitely Whisky with a View!

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