SkyCity at The Space Needle, Seattle, WA

Enjoying a fine single malt Scotch from the 500 foot level of the Eiffel Tower of the Pacific is the epitome of enjoying a whisky with a view. During the one hour revolution of Skycity, guests see the sprawling Seattle skyline, two ranges of mountains – the Cascades and Olympics, and snow-capped Mount Rainier. Planes approaching  SeaTac International Airport add to the metropolitan scene as the view rotates southward. Directly below us, the brilliant metallic colors of architect Frank Geary’s Experience Music Project dazzle in the afternoon sun. Just across the park is the orange-red stabile entitled Olympic Iliad, by Sculptor Alexander Liberman – a perfect counterpoint to the soaring lines of The Space Needle. Skycity’s whisky offerings include 11 American whiskies, five Canadian, three Irish, nine single malt Scotches and six blends.  

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